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Key Elements of Saving Neonatal Puppies


Neonatal puppies are born wet and lose body temperature to evaporative cooling at the very moment their internal body temperature is critical to effectively process colostrum to develop a stronger immunity system.

Our heaters are uniquely constructed to reflect more infrared wavelengths toward the puppies. Our mats absorb the heat energy and deliver it back to the puppies.  Our controller and sensor work together to precisely control air temperature.

The first time someone pulls a newborn puppy, they will often remark how the puppy is warm on all sides. This is essential to give a puppy the best start in life.


Puppywarmer oxygen concentrators filter out nitrogen from the ambient air with a molecular sieve and deliver 90% oxygen to the incubator at puppy-safe flow rates. You have an endless supply of oxygen for your puppies.

The Oxygen Concentrator combined with the venting of our incubator creates an oxygen enriched environment that also drives out CO2.

Whether it be the gasping puppy needing immediate oxygen, the puppy just delivered via C-section, the premature puppy or the Small for Gestational age puppy--Oxygen combines with precise heat is essential to saving puppies and giving them the best start in life.


Humidity is the most forgiving of heat, humidity and Oxygen with respect to saving puppies.  Generally, it is best to control the humidity range from 40-60%, 

 An environment much below 30% can lead to dehydration.  

An environment well above 80% can result in congestive issues.


Let's face it, puppies are messy.  We design our products so you can have the environment for neonatal puppies and clean as possible.

We use glass in our incubators because it is non porous and does not out-gas at incubator operating temperatures. It can also readily be cleaned and disinfected.

Stainless Steel also is easily cleaned and disinfected.

Our mats are closed cell foam.  You can pour water on our mats and it will still be there the next day.

Our customers are committed to hygiene. We are right there with you.

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