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1L Oxygen Concentrator


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The Standard Oxygen Concentrator is built on the same platform as the Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator. We had such positive feedback on the intuitive operation of the Pro Series Concentrator, that we made a Standard unit more geared toward the needs of Breeders and Rescue.  Upgraded features include:

  • 90% Oxygen Concentration at one liter per minute. Three liter per minute maximum flow rate. We refer to this range as “Puppy friendly flow rates.”
  • Ability to adjust flow rate at .1L per minute from one liter per minute up to three liters per minute
  • Real time oxygen concentration and flow rate display
  • Ability to switch between the Oxygen flow and nebulizer (ambient air) flow

The Puppywarmer Standard Concentrator has the powerful features and operational options just like the pro series—but at only puppy friendly flow rates.


If you live in a high-altitude region, have experienced puppies that have aspirated at three weeks or older, or have a breed that is more prone to have heart and lung issues late in life—you might give thought to purchase a Puppywarmer Pro Series concentrator. If none of these conditions exist, the Puppywarmer standard concentrator is the right choice for you.

What is the difference between a Puppywarmer Standard Oxygen Concentrator and a Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator?
The Standard Oxygen Concentrator outputs 90% oxygen at 1.0 liters per minute, and up to 3.0 liters per minute at lower concentration rates.
The Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator outputs 90% oxygen at 1.0-2.0 liters per minute, and up to 5.0 liters per minute at lower concentration rates.

8 reviews for 1L Oxygen Concentrator

  1. Laura B.

    Consistent oxygen when my pups take their first gasps. Having a small unit which is quiet and reliable is fabulous. I use this with my incubator to give my pups the best start. My pups thrive in a warm oxygen rich environment. It removes the disadvantage my altitude can bring. Convenient and reliable.

  2. Amy Shaffer

    Thank you for your affordable life saving system! We use the 18 X 18 incubator with your oxygen concentrator. The oxygen pinks up even the smallest grayest puppy. We learned especially how important O2 is for a big litter of 10 puppies born via cesarean that need this extra love. We place the special 02 adapter over their tiny muzzles and watch them come to life. Great system and I wouldn’t have a litter without it!

  3. jean williams

    I run a rescue group for small breed moms and orphaned babies. We have 6 Puppywarmers in our group. We also do a lot of special needs babies with clefts hydro babies and many other birth defects. I am a strong believer because we had a Puppywarmer and Oxygen Concentrator we were able to save a litter of four premature tiny only 1 oz Chihuahua babies. They were so premature they had no hair and looked like rats lol . Thanks to Puppywarmer they are all alive and well today! We have saved hundreds more that would have not made before we had Puppywarmers. The consistent oxygen makes a world of difference in these babies and their outcome. We have been doing this with special needs puppies for years. But with Puppywarmers and the consistent oxygen, we are able to save babies we never could have before! Thank you Puppywarmer for your help save the babies.

    Image #1 from jean williams
  4. philip j. young

    great product!

  5. Cindy Beffrey

    I purchased this along with an incubator to use in case I need in with a litter of puppies. I am so happy to have this product available for me to help keep puppies healthy

    Image #1 from Cindy Beffrey
    • Ken (store manager)

      Thank you Cindy! You are ready.

  6. Susan L. Simon

    As a long time Breeder of French bulldogs I have come to rely on the Puppywarmer plus the standard Oxygen concentrator to create the best environment for my newborn babies. Pink puppies are healthy happy puppies!! Thank you Ken!!

    • Ken (store manager)

      We have enjoyed the photos and stories you have shared. Thank you also for the discussions you have started on Team Puppywarmer.

  7. Michaeleen R.

    The O2 concentrator gives my newborn pups a head start in life. I put the O2 adaptor right over the newborns and they pink up much faster then if they did not have that available to them. I use this with the 12 x 12 incubator. These are invaluable tools that I am happy to have for my pups. Thank you Puppywarmer for these life saving tools.

    • Ken (store manager)

      Isn’t is amazing how quickly gasping puppies pink up?

  8. Dick Simon

    Helping healthy puppies thrive, and saving struggling puppies…how can you NOT have one of these? What a great tool for every breeder.

    • Ken (store manager)

      Thank you for your review, Dick! We agree that Puppywarmer is a great tool for Breeders, Rescue and Veterinarians.

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