In August of 2018, we were packing up for the our first Theriogenology “Therio” Conference…

As a last minute decision we packed a 12×12″Incubator for two reasons: It fit inside of an 18×18″ incubator and we thought a Veterinarian may have a toy breeder client to whom they could recommend the 12×12″.

A very prominent reproductive Veterinarian purchased an 18×24″ unit, two oxygen concentrators and to our surprise a 12×12″ incubator. “Do you mind if I can ask how you will use the 12×12 incubator?”

“There is always that one puppy.” She said. “We might need to nebulize it, when we don’t want to nebulize the others. It might need to be at a higher temperature than the others. It might have a cleft palate and go home with out technician. It might be small for gestational age and I send the puppy home in it. There is always that one puppy.”

She then shared the concept with four other Veterinarians who then bought a larger incubator and a 12×12″ incubator.

There have been many times that our customers have taught us new uses for our products.

Rescue groups have called the 12×12″ incubator the “nightstand incubator.” Every bit as powerful as our larger incubators–with the same controller and heater technology–just smaller and more portable.

The 12×12 has gone to work with breeders, gone home with Vet Techs and has been used as a transport by rescue groups. One breeder even fit six English Bulldogs in it for the ride home from a C-section

The 12×12″ allows your to give “that one puppy” the precise environmental conditions they need wherever you need it to be–even your nightstand.

The nightstand incubator, the one we brought to a Therio conference as an afterthought. is currently the most clicked incubator on

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