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By bundling a Puppywarmer System together you save 30% on accessories. 

Small Breed Success Pack

Ideal for Toy & Miniature Breeds
$ 1995
  • Included In this Bundle:
  • 12x12 Puppywarmer Incubator
  • Standard Oxygen Concentrator
  • Complete Accessories Bundle
  • Benefits of this Pack:
  • Fits on a Nightstand
  • Highly Portable - Live your life while you have an at-risk puppy.
  • Helps Toy Breeds thermoregulate
  • All Systems Feature:
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • 90% Oxygen at Puppy-Safe Flow Rates
  • Humidity Enhancement
  • Easy to Clean
  • Dust Covers to Keep your system clean in-between litters.

Medium Breed Success Pack

Perfect for Dalmations, Pointers, & Poodles
$ 1995
  • Included In this Bundle:
  • 18x18 Puppywarmer Incubator
  • Standard Oxygen Concentrator
  • Complete Accessories Bundle
  • Benefits of this Pack:
  • Our Most Popular Incubator! A Breeder Favorite.
  • Ideal for full litters of Medium Breeds
  • Also a strong choice for healthier Large Breeds that only have 1-3 needy puppies per litter
  • All Systems Feature:
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • 90% Oxygen at Puppy-Safe Flow Rates
  • Humidity Enhancement
  • Easy to Clean
  • Dust Covers to Keep your system clean in-between litters.

Large Breed Success Pack

Great for Frenchies, and English Bulldogs
$ 1995
  • Contained In this Bundle:
  • 18x24 Puppywarmer Incubator
  • Standard Oxygen Concentrator
  • Complete Accessories Bundle
  • Benefits of this Pack:
  • Our largest standard incubator
  • Go-To for French Bulldog & English Bulldog Breeders
  • Good choice if your puppies need to be in an incubator for longer than 5 days.
  • All Systems Feature:
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • 90% Oxygen at Puppy-Safe Flow Rates
  • Humidity Enhancement
  • Easy to Clean
  • Dust Covers to Keep your system clean in-between litters.

Why buy a Puppywarmer System?

Give your Puppies the best start in life.

Oxygen encourages a puppy to feed better. The correct internal temperature ensures proper processing of colostrum for a strong immune system.

Save Gasping Puppies

Use the Oxygen Concentrator to apply oxygen directly to a puppies snout; and a hypoxic puppy will pink up in 45-90 seconds.

You Can Sleep

Crate Mom - Place the Puppies in your Puppywarmer, and get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep. Rest easy.

Ideal Puppy Environment

Our Incubator is a little cooler near the glass and warmer in the center allowing every puppy to find their spot to reach the correct internal temperature.


Keep an eye on your puppies with 360 degree Visibility.

Save Puppies Now. Pay Later.

Puppywarmer supports PayPal Pay Later – Your first litter pays for it. 

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Our suggestion would be four weeks before the puppies are due. Also open the boxes
and test the unit right away. We pack them as best we can—but sometimes boxes get
dropped from high places—and glass tends to not like that very much. You then have
peace of mind, and in the rare event that something happened in transit—we have time
to resolve the issue—even if the puppies come early.
It should be noted that accessory items are generally shipped USPS and can take as
long as 7 days to get to the West Coast in the USA.

Unless the item is identified as out of stock, most items are shipped the same day the
order is received or the next day. Much has to do with the time the unit is ordered. In
most cases, if the item is in stock and the order is received by noon Eastern time—it will
go out the next day.
In the United States, Incubators and concentrators ship via UPS:
 In the Midwest, ground shipping takes 1-2 days.
 East Coast and Southeast can be 2-3 days, but remote rural areas may be a day
or two more than that.
 Southwest can be 3 days on average
 West Coast 4-5 days
Please note that Ontario Canada ships in 2-3 days and 45-days to the coasts. Customs
could add another day or two in some cases.

If an issue occurs, we can work with you to resolve it. Many times, we can resolve the
issue over the phone. If glass breaks in shipping, we send out a replacement via UPS
ground. This is an important reason to order in advance. If a customer wishes to
express ship, Puppywarmer will cover the cost of ground and the customer will be
responsible for the differential.
Returns are only accepted on unused equipment.
If a customer refuses a shipment, the actual cost of outbound and return shipment will
be deducted from the refund.
Puppywarmer does not accept returns on used properly functioning equipment.

Call Puppywarmer at 269-568-3450 or email customercare@puppywarmer.com to
discuss any equipment (including possible Return Material Authorizations) and training

Incubators 2 years, repair or replacement.
Oxygen concentrators 1 year. Do not plug the oxygen concentrator into a surge
protector, as some surge protectors can affect the computers and operation of oxygen

This is why when you see an oxygen concentrator in a hospital, they are almost always
plugged directly into the wall.
Nebulizers 1 year.
Wear items such as mats, and fleece inserts 90 days.
Please refer to the warranty section of our terms and conditions for more details.

 In most cases, there is not a production lead time. We do our best to have the units in stock and ready to ship. We have had demand spikes on Oxygen concentrators, which has led to short term out of stock positions.

Most orders ship the same day or the next day and a shipping notice is emailed at the time of creating a shipping label so you can track your order and see the projected delivery date.


Oxygen concentrators are in stock and ready to ship in 230V versions. They come with two power cords that cover the majority of 230V countries.

Incubators are often built to order and can have a 10-day production lead time.

You are the importer of the product in these cases responsible for duties, customs, and shipping costs.

Step one: Check to see if the basics are rights, is the temperature sensor hanging straight down, without making contact with the puppies (if you put a lot of bedding that raises the puppies up to the height of the sensor—consider raising the sensor or lowering the amount of bedding in the incubator. Similarly, the sensor should not be touching the glass.

Step two: Make a note of any changes you have made or any items that have been damaged. We can get to a solution much faster when we know what has changed.

Step three: Call Puppywarmer at 269-615-4081 from 8:00 to 5:00 Eastern Standard or Daylight Savings time—whichever is in effect. If there is an emergency, message the Puppywarmer Facebook page or text 269-615-4081. If you are not getting the performance you have come to expect from Puppywarmer, remove your modifications to see if the equipment returns to normal performance. While Puppywarmer products have proven to be very reliable, there have been times with earlier units where customers got into the service menu and changed programming accidentally. This is rare, but in 2022, we added a second, more difficult to defeat locking level to our controllers. You now have to accidentally unlock two levels to access the service menu. Thus far, it has resulted in no further issues. With older units where the user accidentally changed the service menu settings, this can be corrected over the phone.

If, for whatever reason, you feel the Puppywarmer is not delivering the performance you have come to expect, keep the puppies out of the incubator until performance is as expected.

You will know your order is on the dock awaiting pickup when we send you a confirming email. This email will have your tracking number. For UPS shipments, go to UPS.com and enter the tracing number. The main tracking number will provide you with current status on all related tracking numbers.

On rare occasions. Ther boxes of your order may arrive on different days. Go to UPS.com, enter the mail tracking number and you will see the status of the boxes that have not arrived.

If the accessories are shipped USPS, go to USPS.com, enter the tracking number and you can see the shipping status of your orders.

In almost every case, the packages all go out the same day. If you think about the logistics of shipping to a population of 400,000,000 people every day—it is a very complex task. Each box has its own tracking number, and they are not grouped on their way through the system. The boxes will go to several sorting facilities and at times be separated until the final destination. It is possible to have different routing of packages as well, based upon regional demand. In most cases the later package arrives the next day.

To reduce shipping costs, accessories such as dust covers can ship USPS while the essential items can ship UPS. This package will have its own tracking number.

We staff the office 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Outside of normal work hours email or messaging the Puppywarmer Facebook page will often get a response within hours (when we are not sleeping).

We have FAQs and Blog articles on the website and if you type “Puppywarmer” (all one word) you can find our Youtube channel page. There are unboxing videos on the YouTube page, sorted by incubator size.

For interactive support, call Puppywarmer at 269-615-4081 from 8:00 to 5:00 Eastern Standard or Daylight Savings time—whichever is in effect.

If you wish to pay with check, call Puppywarmer at 269-615-4081 from 8:00 to 5:00 Eastern Standard or Daylight Savings time—whichever is in effect. We will send you an invoice and ship your order after depositing the check.

Cash is only accepted at dog shows and in person pickups.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal. PayPal now offers Buy Now Pay Later as an option.  This allows you to use the equipment on your next litter, make a payment when deposits come in and another payment when puppies are picked up.

Most customers prefer the security of having to be present and sign for the equipment. If a shipment is documented to have arrived at your door, that is when you take possession. This means if a “porch pirate” takes the boxes, it is your responsibility. We don’t want to do that to any customer. It is night the right way to start a relationship. 

If a customer puts in the notes section “I am directing Puppywarmer to ship my products without a signature requirement. I accept full financial responsibility if the items are removed from the delivery location.” we will ship without a signature requirement. Please note that this is against our advice—but also, we will respect your wishes if you are willing to take financial responsibility in the event of loss or theft.

Inspect all boxes prior to opening. If the box appears damaged, take photos of the damage prior to opening the box.

Specifically with the glass (often the largest box) if you hear anything rattling, use extreme caution opening the box.

All shipments are insured. Puppywarmer is also classified as a medical device supplier by UPS. This provides us with access to experienced staff that understand the importance of safe delivery of medical products. 

Call us at 269-568-3450 to discuss the situation. We generally do not wait for a determination by UPS. We know that your puppies need our products.

Please not it is incredibly important that you allow time in the event this imperfect world we live in decides it is your turn to experience imperfection. This gives us all the opportunity to resolve issues efficiently and effectively before the puppies arrive and allows you to set up the equipment in a calm, well-rested state of mind.

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