Puppywarmer exists to help our customers simply save puppies.

We strive to make our user interface intuitive.  We design our equipment to only offer settings that will benefit puppies.

Newborn puppies seek out a slightly warmer and slightly cooler part of their environment.  We have found a way to create the specific environment a puppy needs.  This environment helps puppies get stronger sooner.

Saving puppies make us happier human beings.  If you are reading this, we believe this is something we have in common.


Simply Saving Puppies Started Simply

Puppywarmer started simply enough.  Ken and Debbie Sunden bought a puppy (Chaos).  In Chaos’ litter, two out of the five puppies were small for gestational age (SGA), and passed within the first three days of life.

Ken has extensive experience with thermal solutions for medical devices, and process equipment.  He researched environmental conditions that benefited neonatal puppies. He spent the next few months sketching incubators.

The first incubator was built so that he would stop thinking about how he would build an incubator.  He gave the incubator to the breeder and thought that would be the last incubator he built.

The incubator proved highly effective. Where the breeder previously saved one out of ten small for gestational age puppies, she saved 17 of 18 (94%).  Where the effort was normally three weeks, SGA puppies were returned to the litter in three or four days.  Where she previously saved 50% of gasping puppies, she did not lose a single one.

Puppywarmer systems are now in use with Teaching Veterinary Hospitals, Leading Theriogenologist Veterinarians, Service Animal Organizations, Zoos, Wildlife Rescue, Puppy and Kitten Rescue, and, of course, Puppy and Kitten Breeders.

We are committed to advancing small animal neonatal care, Puppywarmer is more than simply the equipment we build. Puppywarmer is a strong team of capable people committed to provide the best service and share knowledge to help you save puppies you don’t expect to save and give all puppies the best start in life.

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