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18 x 24 Incubator


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The 18×24″ incubator is a favorite among Veterinarians and breeders of large dogs.



The 18×24″ incubator is our most popular size with Veterinarians, breeders of large dogs,  and breeders medium and large sized bracycephalic dogs.    Almost half of our incubators purchased by veterinarians are the 18×24 incubator. While some of our customers transport the 18×24″ incubator to a veterinary office for use in a C-section and run during the drive back home using an inverter plugged into your car–it is as two person job to move this incubator.    The newborn puppies would be in the incubator for about two hours before they are sorted to those that can readily move to the whelping box and the Small for Gestational Age puppy or formerly gasping puppy that would benefit from more time in the incubator.

The 18×24″ incubator features:

  • Utilizes two special construction infrared heater with encased insulation to reflect more infrared wavelengths to the puppies.
  • A proportional controller reduces electricity to the heater as the internal incubator air temperature approaches set point
  • A medical grade fast acting sensor
  • A removable stainless steel top that is both easy to clean and makes cleaning the inside of the incubator easier
  • A dense closed cell mat that absorbs radiant heat energy as stored heat energy delivery a comfortably warm surface for neonatal puppies without having electrical current near the puppies.  The mat is highly moisture resistant, and has give and grip proven to help in hip development.  The raised areas of the mat makes puppies more likely to sleep on their back and sides–reducing “flat chestedness” that can happen in come breeds
  • A glass enclosure the offers excellent visibility, is easy to disinfect, and is important to create the thermal gradient puppies need

The 18×24″ incubator is a large safe place to keep puppies warm between whelpings and feedings.  When you get puppies warm and dry in an oxygen rich environment, they feed better.  This leads to better processing of nutrition and a stronger immune system.  Veterinarians have found that puppies feed better coming out of a C-section when using the Puppywarmer system.

Veterinaries should use the Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator for the 18×24″ incubator.  Breeders could choose the Standard or the Pro Series incubator depending on other uses they may have.


10 reviews for 18 x 24 Incubator

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Debby McLaughlin

    We absolutely love our 18×24 incubators. Yes we actually have two of them! Since we don’t keep puppies with their moms as they are large and tend to lay on them accidentally and crush them, the incubator keeps the puppies at the perfect temperature and we know they are safe and warm. We have been using the Puppywarmers for about 5 years now. We also have a small 12×12 incubator we use for a weak puppy to keep them separate from the litter mates to closely monitor them better. And we have the Puppywarmer oxygen concentrator also so we know the weak puppies get good oxygen. We are so happy we found Ken so many years ago!

    • Ken (store manager)

      You were one of our early customers. We are thankful for that. Big puppies need help, too!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kellina H.

    We use the 18×24 incubator here at Hallmark Cocker Spaniels to give our newborn puppies the absolute best start! At every birth new puppies warm up and dry off in our incubator, which increases their strength quickly, leading to a desire to nurse vigorously. We also use the oxygen concentrator to give blue, weak or struggling newborn puppies the extra help they need. Without a doubt we have saved several puppies using the Puppywarmer setups. I highly recommend them!

    • Ken (store manager)

      Thank you Kellina! And let’s not forget the wild birds you have saved.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cheryl Sulewski

    I absolutely love this. When I need to take a break from mom and the puppies I can put my puppies in this and be rest assured they are thriving in the puppy warmer.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Susan Whiting

    Although we raise less than 1 litter per year, I would not be without this incubator. We have found that by providing properly measured warmth and humidity, we are free to concentrate on all other factors . It saved our pick male from unneeded struggle and discomfort while he recovered from gasping at delivery. Used with the oxygen unit, would never be without these quality products.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    philip j. young

    we purchased 2 incubators. they have come in handy when needed.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Karen Hart

    I manage a veterinary hospital with reproductive services for canines (and the occasional feline). We have been using this incubator for about a year now and could not be happier with it! We use this specifically for puppies born via Cesarean section. Once revived, we put them in the Puppywarmer, and they stay toasty warm and oxygenated until mom is ready for them. It has made our puppy revival process easier and healthier all around. We even have clients who have gone on to purchase their own after seeing how wonderful it is!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Elizabeth Keck (verified owner)

    We absolutely love our 18X24 incubtor! We have only had it for 1 litter so far, and I already can’t live without it! We had to take our momma in for an xray and I felt 100% confident to leave our precious new babies in the safety of this beautiful incubator. I knew they would stay at just the right temperature and in the right environment needed to thrive while we rushed in to help her.

    We ended up with a special needs baby, and this incubator was vital in our fight for him. He probably wouldn’t have made it 24 hours without it!

    I got the bigger size sense I have a farm. It is big enough even for a baby goat! I used it a couple times on some distressed goat kids to get their body temps up fast where I needed them to be and it worked so amazingly well!

    My next litter is due soon and I can’t wait. I am thrilled to have a safe place to rotate puppies into during whelping to keep them warm and oxygenated!

    • Ken (store manager)

      We believe we have some of the best customers in the world. Building systems that save neonates adds Purpose to our lives. Hearing experiences like yours inspires. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Susan Simon

    My husband contacted Ken after we lost a French bulldog puppy in 2018. I was so happy to have the PUPPYWARMER for my most recent litter of 6. Unfortunately, I had 2 cleft palate puppies in this litter and I decided to hand raise them myself! I don’t think I could have been as successful without the PUPPYWARMER!!! These 2 puppies were so content! I expected a lot more fussing and trouble with them but they actually thrived! They are now both happy and healthy and in their new forever homes. Thank you Ken! You are literally a lifesaver!!! ❤️❤️❤️
    Dick and Susan Simon
    Epic French bulldogs

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    Image #1 from Susan Simon
    Image #2 from Susan Simon
    Image #3 from Susan Simon
    • Ken (store manager)

      Thank you Dick and Susan. What started out as the intent to build one incubator as a thank you note has become a company. I originally resisted the idea of forming Puppywarmer. Stories like this remind me how lucky I am to be able to build these systems. You made my day!

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    This unit is easy to use and definitely worth it! We’ve saved countless babies with Puppywarmer products! Thank you!

    • Ken (store manager)

      It has been our honor to be the incubator of choice for many puppy rescue groups. We love it when you surprise a Veterinarian. Thank you for incorporating Puppywarmer into your protocol.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    I purchased the 18 x 24 incubator and Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator at the FBDCA National Specialty in Louisville in 2018. I was so impressed with the models on display and got excited at the thought of owning this system. So far, I have had 3 litters using Puppywarmer. I can keep the room at 68 F ambient temperature and Mom no longer pants heavily and is uncomfortable from the heat of the room. My babies are in the “perfect environment”. Ken has been awesome, assisting me and answering my many questions both during the initial set up and day to day use. 🙏 Thank You, Ken for helping to save those babies who otherwise may not have survived. Karen Cram, Karendon Perm. Reg’d French Bulldogs, Ontario, Canada

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