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12×12 Puppywarmer Incubator


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12×12″ Puppywarmer Ceramic Infrared Incubator

2023-04 Puppywarmer Incubator Manual(Click here for: Puppywarmer Incubator Instruction Manual)


The Puppywarmer 12×12” Incubator is the incubator of choice for Yorkshire Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Shih Tzu, Havanese, Papillon, Pomeranian, Shetland Sheepdog, Pug, Chihuahua and other small, toy and smaller medium sized dogs.

The 12×12” incubator may be small in size, but it packs all of the powerful features of the 18×18” and 18×24” Puppywarmer incubators:

  • Proportional controller that pulses electricity to the heater for precise temperature control for 75°-85°F in one degree increments.
  • 120V/110W, drawing less than one amp.
  • Proportional Integral Derivative (learning) temperature controller
  • Solid State Relay switch that now lasts 10 times as long as original switches on earlier units.
  • Fast acting type J thermocouple for accurate temperature sensing
  • Glass enclosure to create the thermal gradient puppies need that is also easy to clean and disinfect
  • Closed cell mat that has “give and grip” and is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Stainless steel top with special construction ceramic infrared heater that warms puppies 1” into their body
  • Proper venting to create air exchange and help drive out CO2

The 12×12” Puppywarmer incubator is an excellent choice for small and toy breeds, or treatment of “that one puppy.” Rescue groups refer to the 12×12 incubator as “The nightstand incubator” as it is light and portable and has been set up on a nightstand in the bedroom.

We recommend the standard oxygen concentrator with the 12×12” incubator.  The standard oxygen concentrator normalizes initial settings at start up at 1 liter per minute—the ideal starting setting for the 12×12” incubator.

Breeders planning to keep an entire litter in the incubator longer than just a few days should consider the 18×18” Puppywarmer incubator.

Dust covers are available for the 12×12 incubator

12x12 Puppywarmer incubator top view showing stainless steel top
12x12 Puppywarmer incubator with fleece insert
12x12 Puppywarmer incubator top view showing stainless steel top
12x12 Puppywarmer incubator with fleece insert

8 reviews for 12×12 Puppywarmer Incubator

  1. Debby McLaughlin

    Although we have two large Incubators we also have one small 12×12 Incubator. We use this incubator for weak puppies to keep them separate from their litter mates to keep a closer eye on them and make sure they are not piled up on. We also use the oxygen concentrator to make sure the weak puppies have excellent pure air.

  2. Rachele

    I truly cannot say enough positive things about my 12×12 incubator. I swear it and the O2 concentrator have helped me save some prety tough puppy cases the past two months, including 3 fading puppies, Cases that normally would not have survived. These are truly a life saver and I can’t wait until we can get a bigger one so we can save even more puppies. Thank you Ken and Team for this amazing invention!

    • Ken (store manager)

      We think you are amazing, too, Rachele. Such incredible commitment to at risk puppies.

  3. Laura B.

    Amazing! I have the 12×12 and use it with every litter. My pups dry off in a constant temperature. The peace of mind that the pups are in a consistent environment is fabulous. The humidifier keeps things perfect for my pups. I recently kept a pup with bandages safe and warm while he healed. The incubator was amazing for his recovery. Thanks for engineering the best for my most precious pups

    • Ken (store manager)

      Laura–thank you so much for your comments. You have been there since the early days of Puppywarmer. It means the world to us that Puppywarmer is a key part of your protocol.

  4. Susan Endsley

    This versatile small incubator is the perfect size for newborns to transfer into while delivering littermates. It dries them off and perks them up with a dose of oxygen and keeps them thermoregulate while mom is having more puppies. If there is a small runt it provides a safe haven to keep it in that prevents chilling and gives you additional time to tube or bottle feed to let him acquire the strength needed to nurse from mom in a few days. I recently had a singleton that was born extra large and stressed and this incubator perked him up in no time. Literally minutes. It saved his life. About five days later the thriving pup was stepped on by his mom and he was again struggling to breathe. I turned on the incubator and concentrater and it took about five hours but it again saved his life. He was thriving and nursing off of mom that night. This is a miracle must have product for newborns.

    Image #1 from Susan Endsley
    • Ken (store manager)

      Thank you so much for sharing your story, Susan! One of many you have saved with Puppywarmer products, including Elvis–our Director of Fluffiness.null

  5. jean williams

    I run a rescue group for small breed moms and orphaned babies. We have 6 Puppywarmers (two 12x 12 and three 18×18 and our starter 8×8) in our group. We also do a lot of special needs babies with clefts, hydro babies and many other birth defects. I am a strong believer because we had a Puppywarmer and Oxygen Concentrator we were able to save a litter of four premature tiny only one oz chi babies. They were so premature they had no hair looked like rats lol. Thanks to Puppywarmer they are all alive and well today! We have saved hundreds more that would have not made before we had Puppywarmers. The consistent oxygen makes a world of difference in these babies and their outcome. We have been doing this and special needs for years. But with Puppywarmers and the consistent oxygen, we are able to save babies we never could have before! Thank you Puppywarmer for your help save the babies.

  6. Diana Sparkowski

    This was a life saver for our Biewer litter of 5, our girl Suri had some pretty tiny babies under 2oz, that were gaspers, and we thought we were going to lose them, We used this 12×12 incubator to keep them at the perfect temp, and the oxigen concentrator together. If it werent for Ken being on the other end of the phone assuring us, and this product we would not have beautiful healthy babies here today

    Image #1 from Diana Sparkowski
  7. Michaeleen R.

    My 12×12 Puppy Warmer incubator and 02 concentrator keep my pups warm and dry in a consistant temperature that is safe and reliable. They are so reliable that I get a chance to get some quality sleep because I don’t have to worry about them failing. My oxygen concentrator keeps the pups pink and thriving. These 2 units give me the tools to help my pups get a better start in life.

    • Ken (store manager)

      Thank you for pointing out that you sleep better! Better sleep=Better decisions. So glad we are helping you give your puppies the best start in life!

  8. Kathy Kruk

    Thankfully have not yet had to use my set up but felt that it was well worth the investment if it would one day save even one puppy.

    • Ken (store manager)

      We will be here for you when it is time. Consider using the incubator for the first two feedings. Puppies feed stronger and getting them to the right internal temperature leads to better processing of colostrum–and a stronger immune system.

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