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18 x 18 Incubator


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The 18×18″ incubator is our most popular size with breeders and rescue groups.  A favorite among Meduim and larger breeds, the 18×18″ incubator can still be transported to a veterinary office for use in a C-section and run during the drive back home using an inverter plugged into your car.  Also a favorite of rescue groups, service dog animal groups and veterinarians, the 18×18 is powerful and versatile. 12 newborn golden retriever puppies fit in the 18×18″ incubator.  It is a little cozy, but you could put a couple more in.  The newborn puppies would be in the incubator for about two hours before they are sorted to those that can readily move to the whelping box and the Small for Gestational Age puppy, Cleft Palate or formerly gasping puppy that would benefit from more time in the incubator.

The 18×18  incubator features:

  • Utilizes a special construction infrared heater with encased insulation to reflect more infrared wavelengths to the puppies.
  • A proportional controller reduces electricity to the heater as the internal incubator air temperature approaches set point
  • A medical grade fast acting sensor
  • A removable stainless steel top that is both easy to clean and makes cleaning the inside of the incubator easier
  • A dense closed cell mat that absorbs radiant heat energy as stored heat energy delivery a comfortably warm surface for neonatal puppies without having electrical current near the puppies.  The mat is highly moisture resistant, and has give and grip proven to help in hip development.  The raised areas of the mat makes puppies more likely to sleep on their back and sides–reducing “flat chestedness” that can happen in come breeds
  • A glass enclosure the offers excellent visibility, is easy to disinfect, and is important to create the thermal gradient puppies need

For  natural births, breeders use the 18×18 as a warm and safe place for the puppies between whelpings and feedings.

Choose our standard oxygen concentrator for the 18×18″ incubator. Veterinarians would likely choose the Pro Series oxygen concentrator.

Get puppies warm and dry in an oxygen rich environment and they will have stronger first feedings, process food better and develop a stronger immune system.  Veterinarians have notice stronger first feedings coming out of a C-section with Puppywarmer systems.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for 18 x 18 Incubator

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mary Grider

    I used this incubator with one litter and again with one singleton puppy. Even though I don’t breed often, I would never be without a Puppywarmer for any litter. I feel the Puppywarmer and oxygen concentrator saved the singleton as well as one of the puppies from the litter.

    • Ken

      Thank you for believing in us the first time we exhibited at the Bulldog Nationals. You have made some wonderful saves. Please say “Hi” to Jack for us!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sandy Claes

    I am a veterinary technician in a canine reproductive practice. We do anywhere from 2 to 7 cesarean sections a week. I personally work with the neonate care. My puppies do fantastic in this incubator. Distressed puppies, gasping puppies, premature or underdeveloped puppies. They all do fantastic. I can monitor them without removing them and the breeders feel like they are more a part of things. This is by far my absolute favorite piece of equipment our practice owns !! I love my Puppywarmer ❤

    • Ken

      That a veterinary technician in a reproductive practice sees a Puppywarmer incubator as by far your favorite piece of equipment the practice owns makes our day. Thank you for the review!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Samantha Decker

    We purchased this warmer and oxygen unit in preparation for our first Frenchie litter and I’m so glad that we did. Two of the four pups born had cleft palate‘s and were very small. I truly believe that their survival chances tremendously increased by having this warmer unit because initially we were told by our Vet that their chance of survival was very slim. I am happy to announce that they are now almost 3 months old and steadily growing to catch up to their normal size brothers. They have come along way and the puppy warmer unit 100% contributed to their successful survival and growth!❤️🐶🐶/🐶🐶❤️

    • Ken

      It happens sometimes that the first litter after purchasing a Puppywarmer system has puppies that need a lot of help. We love it when our customers surprise Veterinarians. The Veterinarians love to be surprised this way, too. Incredible job saving two cleft palate pups the first time using your Puppywarmer system.

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