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The handheld mesh nebulizer is an important addition to the Puppywarmer product line.  It is a standalone electric nebulizer than does not rely on airflow to create a fine mist of saline.  Veterinary technicians have referred to the handheld nebulizer as the “scratch free nebulizer” as adult cats and older kittens are generally not as fearful of the mesh nebulizer as it is quieter and the mist is nor air driven. The mesh nebulizer can run off of batteries or a provided USB cable.  The three provided attachments allow for making the incubator a nebulized space or treating an individual animal with a mask.

Since the nebulizer utilizes an electric mesh electrolytes need to be present in the liquid for optimal operation. Saline works very well with the mesh nebulizer, tap water and well water also work well.  Distilled water does not have enough electrolytes to work well with a mesh nebulizer.

If you have experienced puppies that have aspirated milk or other nutrition, as a separate piece of equipment, the handheld nebulizer allows for nebulization treatment while running your Puppywarmer oxygen concentrator at optimal flow rates.

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