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2L Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator


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The Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator was designed with the veterinarian in mind. Although the original Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator has proven highly successful at helping veterinarians save small animals, we felt we could improve upon success.  Upgraded features include:

  • 90% Oxygen Concentration up to two liters per minute. Five liter per minute maximum flow rate.
  • Ability to adjust flow rate at .1L per minute from one liter per minute up to five liters per minute
  • Real time oxygen concentration and flow rate display
  • Ability to switch between the Oxygen flow and nebulizer (ambient air) flow

With Veterinarians, the Puppywarmer Pro Series Oxygen concentrator’s versatility extends well beyond use with Puppywarmer incubators.  Seeing how they are used helped us improve the versatility and provide the needed real time information in a easy to view display.

What is the difference between a Puppywarmer Standard Oxygen Concentrator and a Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator?
The Standard Oxygen Concentrator outputs 90% oxygen at 1.0 liters per minute, and up to 3.0 liters per minute at lower concentration rates.
The Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator outputs 90% oxygen at 1.0-2.0 liters per minute, and up to 5.0 liters per minute at lower concentration rates.


4 reviews for 2L Pro Series Oxygen Concentrator

  1. Sandy Claes

    I am a veterinary technician in a canine reproductive practice. I am one of the primary neonate techs so I deal with babies quite often. The oxygen concentrator not only is an amazing tool when used with the Puppywarmer for new cesarean section puppies but, I use it whenever I have a baby in distress. Its perfect for that time when you have a client call with a neonate that’s not doing well. Just last month I had a client call with a puppy that aspirated after getting her through a critical day using this oxygen concentrator she is now an adorable , bouncy month old baby. This is a must have for any breeder of brachicephalics. I can guarantee your puppies will never be pinker than they will be with this oxygen concentrator.

  2. Cheryl Sulewski

    This is so quiet and great for newborns. I am so thankful I found Ken and this wonderful product!

  3. Rachel

    I use this unit for all of our neonates in the rescue. It is quiet and efficient. This unit as well as the 18×18 incubator have saved many lives. We are truly thankful for ours.

  4. Elizabeth Keck

    We love our pro series oxygen concentrator! As a breeder, I absolutely can not live without it now. After whelping litters with out oxygen available, I couldn’t believe the difference in my puppies with it. They pink up so quickly and get so active! They start eating so much faster and more enthusiastically as well.

    I love this unit so much. Its easy to use and SO quiet. I had a special needs puppy and I ended up sleeping in my puppy room for a couple weeks. This unit was quiet enough it didnt bother me at all to sleep in the same room with it running.

    I run a small dairy as well, and I used the concentrator on the majority of our goat kids. I would bring them in and put them in a warm room with the oxygen for a bit while I prepared bottles. I would come back to active kids more then ready to eat. I loved the response I saw in the “normal” kids, but it was amazing to see some of the stressed kids reapond! I love it. Ill never go through another kidding season without it!

    • Ken (store manager)

      Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your story. While the system was originally developed for puppies we have seen it used with kittens, turkeys, wild birds, raccoons, possums, rats, lizards, exotics and goats. It is exciting to see the uses that were beyond our original imagination. We look forward to more stories!

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