Puppy Saving Letter

Sometimes it is necessary to have another person watch your puppies in your Puppywarmer incubator. They may not understand the Puppywarmer Incubator and Oxygen Concentrator as well as you do. This letter may help close the gap.

Hi ________________________,

Thanks for watching my puppies in the Puppywarmer Incubator.  

This incubator is used by top reproductive veterinarians, breeders, rescue groups and service dog groups.  It is designed to precisely control environmental conditions of a semi-closed environment. It is a proven system that saves puppies at risk.

If you follow these tips, you can help me simply save puppies..

  • There is no On/Off switch on the incubator.  That being said, I really don’t want you to turn it off while I am gone.  I have it set for the right temperature. There is really no need to change the temperature while I am gone.  If you think you need to change the temperature please call me first at _______________. We use a surge protector to turn it on and off, but you should not need to turn it off.
  • It’s a good idea not to touch any of the buttons on the incubator without calling me first.
  • Keep the doors closed as much as possible.  If you leave the doors open for very long, a lot of heat will escape.  The sensor will be sensing a below set temperature condition and the controller will put full power to the heater.  The mat will get hotter than desirable, and the heater will how a lot of heat. Essentially the heater will be trying to heat the who room.  If you leave the doors open a long time, when you close than–the heat inside the incubator will go above set point. It will all eventually correct itself–but your strategy should be only to have a door open when you are taking a puppy out or putting one back in.
  • To open the doors.  There is a black somewhat oval/triangle shaped knob just below where the two doors meet.  Rotate it to the left to be able to open the doors. Rotate it right to close again.


Closed position of Puppywarmer incubator



Rotate the knob to the left to unlock the Puppywarmer incubator.


Open position for Incubator door


That little wire hanging down is a temperature sensor.  It is supposed to be hanging down inside the incubator a couple inches above the puppies heads.  It won’t hut the puppies in any way. It measures the air temperature inside the incubator. This provides information the controller needs to keep the environment right.


The Puppywarmer sensor location is important to correctly monitor incubator temperature.

Other than feeding keep the puppies in the incubator.  As cute as they are, they need to be in there right now.  This system has them at the right temperature so they can process food and colostrum correctly. It is hard for me, too–but this really works for them and is in their best interest.

I have the oxygen level set at the level that is right for the puppies right now.  While the concentration may look very high as it comes out of the concentrator–the flow rate is puppy friendly.  The oxygen mixes with the air and creates an oxygen rich environment. This helps then feed stronger and helps the puppy get stronger sooner.

The way I left the water level in the concentrator–it should be fine for 8 hours.  The process of adding humidity to oxygen only takes a little bit of water at a time.  The water lasts a surprising amount of time.

I ___do/____do not think you will need to add distilled water whale I am gone.  If you need to fill the concentrator vessel with distilled water…

  1. Front, center and near the top–there is a black rectangular button that says “push.” it is just above the the oxygen line.  Push it and the vessel will pop out at you.
  2. On the back of the vessel, there is a rectangular plug with air tubes attached that go into the vessel.  Remove that plug–this is where you fill with distilled water. Please only use distilled water.  
  3. Fill only to the fill line in the front.  If it is over the fill line, pur some of the water out.
  4. Put the plug back the way you found it.
  5. Set the bottom of the vessel into the oxygen concentrator first than push it closed.


To open the humidity vessel, just press push


Remove the humidity plug to add distilled water


Improving Puppywarmer incubator humidity is easy when you add distilled water to your oxygen concentrator


Just fill with distilled water to the maximum water level line


To return the humidity vessel to the Puppywarmer oxygen concentrator, just put the lower end in first and push to close.

Here are my instructions for cleaning the unit…





If you follow these instructions, we should expect good results.

Call me at __________________ if you have any questions.  If you can’t reach me–try reaching Ken Sunden at Puppywarmer at 269-568-3450.  He is kind of old school. Calling is better than texting.

Thank you for your help!  


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