Breeders and Rescue

It is very possible to love breeders and rescue.

Sometimes it seems as if the world is asking us to make a choice–demanding and “or” rather than an “and.”  At Puppywarmer, we choose “and.”

It is widely believed that dogs chose people rather than people choosing dogs. Predators of the rodents that wolves ate did not come close to humans.  Humans also master fire, providing much needed heat at night to improve the survivability of canine litters. Friendly wolves approached humans and initiated the relationship we have grown to love today.


If you would like to learn more about this unique start and “survival of the friendliest” please click this link:

Something else widely agreed upon, even if never said aloud, is that it was a wolf that approached humans and not a Pug, Coton de Tulear, Daschund, Bedlington Terrier or Berniedoodle. As the wolves chose domestication they adapted at a rapid pace that is unique to canines and not fully understood by humans.

Humans accelerated the adaptation by breeding together dogs for desirable functional traits.  The dog, in some scholarly circles, is believed to be the domesticated animal most influential to humans.

At Puppywarmer, we believe responsible breeders make an important contribution to our society. The variation of dogs and the adherence to standards of specific breeds is part of what makes dogs so incredible. Responsible dog breeders test for hereditary health conditions to improve the health of animals they produce. A strong love of the animal and the breed exists within a responsible breeder–and we have great respect for that. Responsible breeders will have pet contracts that ensure neutering  and reduce unwanted pet population.

At Puppywarmer, we also have great respect for many rescue groups. The effort to find a puppy without a home a loving family is honorable. Groups that specialize is saving high risk puppies also show incredible love for canines. The level of sacrifice and care give to these animals that just a few years ago would have been euthanized without much thought inspires us. We simply love to see the adult dog that is enjoying live and has absolutely no idea that there is even remotely an issue. The rescue people we know simply do not give up on dogs.  They are resourceful and will find a solution. We are proud to be associated with them.

Many responsible breeders we know donate to rescue groups and volunteer their time.  Many rescue people we know understand that responsible breeders are not the problem. Several of our rescue friends bred dogs at one point.

We have seen what happens when responsible breeders and rescue groups work together, and it is amazing.

If forced to make a choice, we choose dogs.


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