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Standard Air Sterilizer


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The standard Air Sterilizer is the right size for most veterinary operating rooms that are 400 square feet or less.

Puppywarmer air sterilizers use HEPA filtration and UV light to remove particles from the air and recirculate sterilized air.  In hospital studies, UV sterilization has proven to reduce airborne transmitted viral and bacterial diseases.

The Puppywarmer air sterilizer has an automatic mode that senses incoming air quality and adjusts flow rate accordingly.  The air sterilizer has a led light bar in the front of the unit that changes color in response to incoming air quality.  Veterinary offices will use this function for overnight use.

Prior to and when performing surgery, veterinarians will select a steady flow rate that has greater air re-circulation than the auto mode.

Puppywarmer has a larger air sterilizer for waiting rooms, kennels and doggie day care. Large room applications may require more than one air sterilizer.

1 review for Standard Air Sterilizer

  1. Cindy Beffrey

    Puppywarmer is the best, hands down. You could not ask for a better company and the service is excellent

    • Ken (store manager)

      Thank you so much, Cindy! Very happy to have you as our customer.

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