Keeping it clean

Let’s face it, puppies are messy.

A question we are often asked it what do you use to clean and disinfect a Puppywarmer incubator.

The Puppywarmer was designed with Hygienic principles in mind.

-The glass is non porous and easy to clean and disinfect.

-The mat is removable and and be exposed to 150ºF water–which will kill most bacteria and organisms.

-The top is made of Stainless Steel and can be removed.

When in use–

While the puppies are feeding, a razor glass scraper can be used to get the bulk of the smudges off.  Eyeglass wipes are a good approach for the glass after the majority of smudges are removed.  The fluid is almost entirely alcohol, which evaporates and leaves nothing behind.  For that mat, some people use vinegar and water.  Many of the rescue groups have used Rescue Brand disinfectant with excellent results.  It is important to note that with any disinfect and, rinsing is important.  We recommend taking the mat out when possible and rinsing with hot water.  Many customer purchase a second mat to allow for proper disinfecting, while the puppies can still be in the incubator.

Before putting away–

The glass of the incubator is water tight–so it is possible to fill the incubator with an anti bacterial soap and warm water mixture and allow to stand for 15 minutes or so. You can then use a disinfectant such as Rescue Brand, vinegar and water or other commercially available products.  Rinsing after using a disinfectant is important to the process.

If you experienced a viral or bacterial problem with the litter, we suggest you consult with your veterinarian with respect to the specific condition and disinfectant methods.  In some cases, such as Coccidia, may require a treatment beyond disinfectant.  While the mat is closed cell foam–there may be times where replacing the mat allows for peace of mind.

Storing the unit dry is important to discourage bacteria growth.  Remove the mat and clean and rinse.  Wipe dry then allow to air dry. Run the incubator with the dry mat in place with the oxygen concentrator running without any fluids in the vessel.  This will allow both the incubator and the oxygen concentrator to be stored dry.

Other disinfectants–We know of no problems with any disinfectants that have been used with Puppywarmer systems.  As a precaution, please make sure they are safe with silicone and plastic.

Odor control–Gotcha! by Chris Christensen Systems has proven highly effective at controlling odor and can be used in cleanup.




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