Delivery Information:

While we have made deliveries in Michigan, the primary mode of delivery is through a shipping company such as UPS or Fedex. We will often have units that can be picked up at a shows and connferences where we exhibit. 

It is rare, but there have been times where glass is broken during delivery.  We double box the systems to reduce likelihood. Call Puppywarmer at 269-568-3450 or email puppywarmer at ken@puppywarmer,com.  We will send out replacements before there is a determination by the shipping company.

Puppywarmer incubators are built to last.  They are also designed for relatively simple repair.

Incubators have a two year warranty.  The heaters inside the incubator are warranted for 5 years and have an expected life of 20,000 hours of use. Mats are considered to be a wear item.

Oxygen concentrators and air sterilizers are warranted for one year

We have instructions that should prove helpful.  When your unit arrives, unpack it.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 269-568-3450.  We can make you an expert in 15 minutes.

Product Information:

The Puppywarmer incubator is designed with a simple purpose in mind: To help you simply save puppies.  We will list a couple key difference below:

Heat: Puppywarmer incubators utilize a special construction ceramic infrared heater that is built to our specifications by the inventor and leader of this technology.  We precisely control the heater utilizing a fast acting sensor and proportional control system.
Oxygen: Puppywarmer oxygen concentrators are tuned to have only puppy save flow rates.

Humidity:  Ideally puppies should see 40-60% relative humidity in their environment. We pass oxygen through distilled water.  There are other evaporative systems that could improve humidity but also add risk of bacterial growth over time. We believe we have the safest method of introducing augmented humidity on the market. If your room is dry, we recommend adding an ultrasonic room humidifier to your protocol. This will help puppies inside the incubator, outside of the incubator and help you, too.

Visibility: We will often say that the puppies tell the story.  You have to see what is going on to understand the story the puppies tell.

Hygienics: Newborn puppies are developing their immunity system.  The environment must be kept clean.  Glass and stainless steel are inert and easily to clean and do not outgas at incubator operating temperatures

Safety: The incubator is designed to be able to lock the doors and have a raised front edge to greatly reduce injury resulting from a puppy attempting to climb out to the incubator.

Thermal Gradient: Puppies need to have a slightly warmer and slightly cooler part of their environment.  They move back and for the between warmer and cooler parts of their environment.  This helps them get stronger sooner.

Simply Saving Puppies: The technology is powerful, but the operation is simple and intuitive.

If you know of a Puppywarmer customer, ask them about their experience.  Be prepared for stories of puppies they were surprised to save.

A healthy newborn puppy regulates their body temperature to 12 degrees Fahrenheit above their ambient temperature. You can change the set temperature to as low as 75F and as high as 95F.  As a rule if a puppy needs a temperature below 80F, they are strong enough not to need an incubator.  We can regulate to temperatures of 95F to combat Canine Herpes Virus–consult your veterinarian to determine proper protocol.  C-Section puppies will often see a set temperature of 90F until all puppies are dry, and 88F once dry.


Changing the set temperature is the singe decision you make with a Puppywarmer incubator.  It’s easy:

Step 1: Tap-DO NOT HOLD-the MD button. “Su” (setup) will flash, followed by the set temperature.

Step 2: Use the up and down arrow buttons to raise or lower the set temperature.

Step 3: Tap the MD button again to return to sensed temperature.

Id you hit the MD button and see anything other than flashing “Su” followed by the set temperature, you held the button too long.  Hold the MD down until the sensed temperature shows again.

You got this.

We have made thermal imaging movies of puppies born via C-section.  There is opportunity for heat loss, both from evaporative cooling and the temperature of some of the surfaces in the operating room.  If a puppy is not at the right internal temperature, feeding can be difficult and sometimes painful.  Puppywarmer incubators heat the puppy about 1.5″ into their body, so the thermal energy gets into the blood stream and is delivered to the internal organs.  It is also believed that the oxygen rich environment improved the energy and stamina of the puppy.

More than one veterinarian has used the term “voracious” with respect to the feeding of puppies coming out of a C-Section. 

We also wish there was a material that performed better than glass.  It is heavy, and makes shipping tricky.

We have spent months developing prototypes developing incubators with materials other than glass.  Simply stated, puppies to not respond the same way with any other material we have tried.

The puppies have spoken.  They strongly prefer glass.

Glass also is much easier to clean, disinfect and is essential to providing the thermal gradient puppies need.

The puppies are right.  Glass is the best material for a puppy incubator.

All puppies benefit from being warned and dried in an oxygen rich environment directly after birth.  Veterinarians have found that C-Section puppies have greatly improved first feedings. If a newborn puppy is at the right internal temperature and feeds well in the first few feedings, colostrum intake is improved and the puppy can better process the colostrum.  This leads to a stronger immune system.

Small for Gestational Age Puppies (SGA) are generally are kept in the incubator three to four days before returning to the litter full time.  Generally, and strong sucking reflex is an indicator that the puppy is ready to return to the litter–though each SGA puppy is its own case as there is great size variation between the puppy and the litter mates.

Gasping Puppies benefit from an oxygen rich environment.  Oxygen deprived puppies may have their “gut close” to colostrum intake sooner.  For this reason, gasping puppies benefit from being in the incubator to support the first two feedings.

Premature Puppies may need a temperature higher than 88F.  Often it is 90F for the first few days of life.  Premature puppies may need incubation for as much as one week, generally equal to the number of days born premature. Elevated oxygen and humidity levels help develop lungs.  Premature puppies can also have difficulty regulating temperature initially.

Other Puppies that benefit from a Puppywarmer incubator and oxygen concentrator include Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip puppies, puppies not kept at the right temperature, Hydrocephalus puppies, puppies with respiratory issues, and Rescue Puppies where the mother was sick or died.

While Puppywarmer incubators were originally designed specific to puppies, our customers have used Puppywarmer products for kittens (including cleft palate kittens), miniature pot belly pigs, wildlife rescue including mammals and birds. We are regularly amazed by the versatile uses our customers come up with for Puppywarmer Incubators and Oxygen Concentrators.

Puppywarmer incubators are made in the USA.  Metal fabrication is performed in the USA. Heaters are built to our specifications by an innovation leader in ceramic infrared heating.

Of course!  You can email us at or call 269-568-3450.

The way our system works, there is heat loss around the glass that creates a slightly cooler area around the edges and slightly warmer in the center.  Newborn puppies regulate body temperature to 12°F above the ambient temperature. Puppies seek out the warmer and cooler areas in the incubator and move between them to regulate their temperature. This movement helps Puppywarmer puppies get stronger sooner.

The thermal image below is an example of an incubator thermal gradient.

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