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Warm all of the puppies lorem ipsum dolor sit good boy.

Warm all of the puppies lorem ipsum dolor sit good boy.

Oxygen Concentrator

A Standard Concentrator deliver 90% oxygen at 1 liter per minute, and can deliver up to 3 liters per minute at lower concentration levels.

The Pro Series Concentrator delivers 90% oxygen at 1-2 liters per minute and can deliver up to 5 liters per minute at lower concentration levels.

The Standard unit is very well suited to natural whelping.  The flow rate and concentration is higher at lower flow rates.  As the puppies grow, the concentration declines so you can drive out CO2 and replace oxygen breathed in–while reducing dependency on elevated oxygen.

The pro Series is recommended for Veterinarian use during C-section and for treating adult small animals with conditions requiring oxygen treatment.  The Pro Series is also recommended for high altitude use.

Both units monitor flow rate and concentration real time, and have nebulizer output.  All lines for oxygen delivery and nebulization are included.

The standard unit has white side panels and a white light ring.  The Pro Series has silver side panels with a blue light ring.

We have good news for you.  No oxygen tank is needed, and there is no way to attach one.

The oxygen concentrator separates oxygen from nitrogen in your room air and diverts oxygen to the oxygen port. There is no running out of oxygen.

Getting good long term performance and life out of your concentrator is relatively easy

If you are using the humidity vessel, always use distilled water.  If humidity is high in your house (above 50%) you can run the concentrator without distilled water.  before storing the unit, remove water from the vessel and run the unit at maximum flow rate to drive remaining water out of the system. Keep in mind the maximum fill level.  Overfilling the water level can create back pressure in the system.  The maximum fill level is noted clearly on the front of the humidity vessel.

In the back of the unit, there is an incoming air filter.  It should be replaced every 500 hours or if you see even slight discoloration.  The incoming air filter traps particulates in the air to prevent them from entering the unit and ultimately being delivered to the puppies.  We love dogs, but they are excellent at creating particulates and stirring up particulates in the air. The more dogs you have, the sooner you may see discoloration in the filters.  We include 5 extra filters with each concentrator and they can be ordered through Puppywarmer.

That is pretty much all you need to do.  We try to keep things simple.

Warm all of the puppies lorem ipsum dolor sit good boy.

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